Benefits Of Leasing

Benefits Of Leasing

Deciding on leasing or buying can be difficult. Listed here are some of the advantages of leasing over buying that will make it easier for you to decide.

  • When you purchase a vehicle, you pay for the full cost of the vehicle. In leasing, you only pay for what you use so you get more savings for your business.
  • Here’s how:

    - You do not tie up your capital in a depreciating asset.

    - Your monthly payouts are lower improving your cash flow.

    - You can upgrade to a bigger car without upsetting your cash flow.

    - You realize the residual value right at the beginning of the lease and are buffered against any drop in residual values in the future.

    - You are also buffered from the unknown maintenance expenses hence can budget your transportation cost accurately.

  • Complete Fleet Management
  • All service and maintenance is included in the lease rates.
  • Free replacement vehicle will be provided in case of service, breakdown and accident.
  • Vehicle are comprehensively insured
  • Annual registration of vehicles is covered.
  • Compete tracking of Salik charges and traffic fines are managed by the Lease Company.
  • With leasing you can forecast your cash flow for the next 4yrs (assuming you take a 4yr term)
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis.