Car Leasing

Car Leasing

1. Pay for what you use

When you purchase a vehicle, you pay for the full cost of the vehicle. In leasing, you only pay for what you use so you get more savings for your business. Here’s how :

  • You do not tie up your capital in a depreciating asset.
  • Your monthly payouts are lower improving your cash flow.
  • You can upgrade to a bigger car without upsetting your cash flow.
  • You realize the residual value right at the beginning of the lease and are buffered against any drop in residual values in the future.
  • 2. No hassles because of our complete fleet management


  • We get the vehicles serviced with the authorized dealer to ensure the vehicle is maintained to the highest standards. This also saves a lot of time and effort for your accounts and administration department on quotations, approvals, making LPOs and taking vehicles for servicing.
  • You are also buffered from the unknown maintenance expenses hence can budget your transportation cost accurately.
  • Replacement Vehicle is provided during maintenance ensuring all time availability for continuous business productivity.
  • Insurance

  • Because of our collective purchasing power, we enjoy special rates from the insurance companies, means more savings for your business.
  • We also manage the claims in case of an accident which saves your company valuable time.
  • Replacement Vehicle is provided during accident repairs to ensure zero downtime.
  • Registration

  • We provide complete registration and renewal services saving valuable time and money for your company.
  • Compete tracking of Salik charges and fines are provided on every vehicle which could be a complex task if done at your end requiring additional staff.
  • Lower Interest Rates

  • We enjoy special borrowing rates because of our equity in the market This benefit is passed on to you so more savings for your company.
  • 3. End of lease flexibility

    If you purchase a car, you will look for a buyer to sell it after using it for a certain period. With Shift Car Rental, the headaches of selling a used car are eliminated. At the end of Lease Contract, you can either :

  • Extend the lease period at a lower rate
  • Buy the car at a pre-defined value
  • Return the car and just walk away