Car Rental

Car Rental

Short Term Car Rental.

SHIFT car rental has the widest range & latest model cars to offer customers who appreciate and expect world-class service. Offering everything from small to saloon cars, luxury cars to four wheel drives, the SHIFT fleet includes numerous models and brands.

SHIFT rental vehicles are removed from the fleet at an average of 18 of months service and before reaching 50,000 Kms, making them amongst the newest and most well kept vehicles of all rental suppliers in the UAE where the market norm is 33 months and mileage counts are subjective.

A young fleet with the latest model cars in optimal condition is our winning trademark.

Rates Include

  • Full comprehensive Insurance
  • Unlimited mileage for daily/weekly hire.
  • 24/7 road side assistance incase of breakdown/accident.
  • Rates Exclude

  • Insurance excess as applicable to groups if CDW is not purchased
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI). This can be purchased at a nominal cost
  • Petrol surcharge if the vehicle is not returned with same level at the time of handover.
  • A service charge of AED 25/ per fine will be charged on accrued fines during the rental period.
  • Salik fee of AED 5/- per transaction.
  • VMD (Vehicle monitoring device) charges apply for all. The charge is Dhs. 4/- per day, Dhs. 25/- per week and Dhs. 60/- per month.
  • General Terms and Conditions

  • All rentals are calculated on a 24 hours basis.
  • Vehicles are subject to availability.
  • The vehicle shall be self-driven. In case of any additional driver, such information must be provided to us before 48 Hours along with a copy of the driving license and a copy of identity.
  • Mileage limit unlimited for daily & weekly hire but is limited to 4,500 Kms per month. Excess Mileage will be charged @AED 0.4 per Km for saloon cars and @AED 0.5 for 4-wheel drive and other vehicles.
  • 4x4 vehicle are not permitted to be driven off road. Failure to do so will result in damages being charged to the Renter.
  • The Renter shall bear the fuel expenses during the rental period, however, if the vehicle is returned with less fuel than it was rented, then the Renter shall pay for the fuel consumed along with service charges.
  • If the Renter is on a visit visa then he/she must have either an International Drivers Permit or UAE temporary license which must be accompanied by their local license. If the Renter is on resident visa then he/she must have a UAE License which must be accompanied by his/her local license from the country of origin.
  • The age of the driver should be 24 years & above, and the driving license should be more than 6 months. However, if the driver's age is below 24 years and above 21 years or driving license is less then six month old, in case of any accident / damage, 10% of the repair charges has to be borne by the driver plus the insurance excess.
  • Prior permission shall be obtained from us in case the vehicle is to be taken to Oman. The additional insurance coverage to be obtained at an extra cost by the Renter.
  • A valid credit card in the primary Renter’s name is required for any vehicle rental. At the time of rental, an authorization will be obtained on Renter’s credit card based on estimated rental charges and excess. The credit card must have sufficient credit to cover all charges related to the rental. Major credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We regret that debit cards are not accepted.
  • The rental agreement encompassing all the details of terms, and conditions shall be signed by the Renter while renting the vehicle.
  • The rental rates mentioned in the website are liable to be changed without any notice.
  • All the reservations are subject to the confirmation from us.
  • Earn points when you rent a car from Shift Car Rental in Dubai, UAE